Q. How high can Lighthouse Window Cleaning reach? 

A. We utilize 28 foot extension ladders which accommodate most second story windows. We also use several extension poles for harder to reach windows. Our team is also certified to operate boom and scissor lifts up to 60 feet in height.


Q. What is included in a basic window cleaning job? 

A. A Squeegee is used on all windows inside and out. Frames are wiped down and loose debris is removed from tracks. Screens are removed, cleaned with a brush and washed with a microfiber towel. 

Q. How much does Lighthouse Window Cleaning charge for homes? 

A. Prices vary based on amount of ladder work, size and shape of windows and degree of dirt. A general pricing guideline is roughly $125 per 1,000 square feet of your home. 


Q. Does Lighthouse Window Cleaning come to my house to do an estimate? 

A. We try to give accurate estimates over the phone based on square footage and elevation of your home. You can also use our online estimator for a ballpark estimate. Upon arrival at your home, we will always agree on a price that is fair before we begin the work.


Q. Does your company clean window tracks? 

A. All loose debris will be removed from tracks. Our staff will use a vacuum or cloth to wipe tracks which is included in each job. If tracks require additional attention, we will include additional cost to the estimated amount. 


Q. What other services can Lighthouse Window Cleaning perform? 

A. We offer pressure wash services. Our staff can do high dusting, chandeliers, knock down cob webs, and remove wasp nests. Other services include gutter cleaning and solar panel cleaning. 


Q. Is Lighthouse Window Cleaning insured? 

A. Yes, we have a $1Million liability policy with a local provider and all employees are covered with State Fund Workers Compensation Insurance. 

Q. How long does it take to have my windows washed. 

A. Most homes up to 3000 square feet can be completed in half a day. 

Q. How many people will come to my home? 

A. Usually, no more than three workers will be on the job. Smaller jobs will be performed by one or two people.

Q. Does Lighthouse Window Cleaning do commercial work? 

A. Absolutely; we have over 500 commercial accounts. These include retail and industrial buildings. Pricing for all commercial work is done on site. Call us for local references.


Q. Have you ever worked on high rise structures? 

A. No, we do not have equipment to work on buildings more than three stories. We can provide you with references of companies that can provide this service.


Q. How far in advance do I need to call to set up a window cleaning? 

A. We are staffed year round to accommodate most customers within a day or two and certainly within one week.  We stay booked year round so it’s best to call as early as possible to set up a date.


Q. How did Lighthouse Window Cleaning begin? 

A. Although established in 1996, the company owner, John Shanahan took a leap from his corporate management job in 2012 to pursue the long term goal of full time self-employment. The combination of his business degree from Humboldt State, 10 years of management experience and the skill of cleaning windows has proved to be a combination for success. 

Q. How did you come up with the name; Lighthouse Window Cleaning? 

A. As a Christian man, the owner, John Shanahan believes our lives should shine the light of Christ. “In Him was life; and the life was the light of men” John 1:4. 

Q. What areas does Lighthouse Window Cleaning serve?

A. Most of our business is within a 50 mile radius of Rocklin.  We serve the communities of Rocklin, Loomis, Newcastle, Penryn, Granite Bay, Lincoln, Roseville, Antelope, Citrus Heights, Folsom, Auburn, Colfax, Lake of the Pines and some parts of Sacramento. We do have clients as far away as Lake Tahoe and additional travel cost is added for jobs outside of our primary service area.​

A. Check or cash is preferred. Credit cards are accepted for your convenience through our online payment system.